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Whether you’re interested in cosmetology, esthetics, nails or laser, our faculty and staff are dedicated to making your education worth the investment. At Penrose Academy, you can trust that we will lead by example and steer you towards career success. With our talented team of experts, you’ll have the support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.

Our Founders

  • Jill Kohler

    Jill Kohler


  • Burt Kohler

    Burt Kohler

    Creative Director

Our Staff

  • Lena Gonzalez

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Nicole Parcells

    Nikki Parcells

    Senior Director of Education and Student Services

  • Heidi Kloppenburg

    Heidi Kloppenburg

    Senior Director of Business Development | Laser Educator

  • Bridget O'Brien

    Bridget O’Brien

    Director of Admissions

  • Adrianna Arrieta

    Adrianna Arrieta

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • Kila-Lee Collins

    Kyla-Lee Collins

    Esthetics and Laser Educator

  • Missy Conti

    Missy Conti

    Education & Technology Manager | Cosmetology Educator

  • Kelly Dunlavey

    Kelly Dunlavey

    Cosmetology and Nail Technician Educator | Student Services Coordinator

  • Janice Grandy

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • April Guiliani

    April Guiliani

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Cristina Hughes

    Cristina Hughes

    Esthetics and Laser Educator | Student Services Coordinator

  • Tamekia Okagu

    Tamekia Okagu

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Lindsay Miller

    Lindsay Miller

    Esthetics and Laser Educator

  • Danielle Mauriello

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Andrea Young Photo

    Andria Young

    Student Services Coordinator

  • Caroline Winkler

    Marketing Manager | Esthetics Educator

  • Penrose Logo

    Nikki Weldon

    Esthetics and Laser Educator

  • Samantha Weiss

    Samantha Weiss

    Financial Aid Manager

  • Taleaha Slaugter

    Taleaha Von Slaughter

    Esthetics and Laser Educator

  • Madison Smith

    Madison Smith

    Esthetics Educator

  • Tonka Quni

    Tonka Quni

    Cosmetology and Nail Technician Educator

  • Monique Moody

    Monique Moody

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Holly Marshall

    Holly Marshall

    Cosmetology Educator | Admissions Coordinator

  • Emily Kloppenburg

    Emily Kloppenburg

    Placement Manager

  • Reagan Luck

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Molly Krantz

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • Cherri Parcells

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • David Quni

    Guest Relations Coordinator